we offer 120 places for players / as born between 2004 Y 2011, to be covered by strict order of registration, Being the 20 June the last day. This requires filling out the registration form located below and attach the first payment (150€). The Campus is full board and includes coach transfer (depending on their mode), sports equipment and various gifts

Facilities have split into three parts payment, which will go paying depending on the type of registration chosen in the following account in the name of the Association Sport Free Throw putting the concept name the participants and the number of corresponding payment.

WERE GOING: ES98 0073 0100 5805 0516 3538

A registration

Before the 15 of April

Before the 1 of June

The entry of the first installment will secure the booking of the square. No refunds will be made in any of the payments, except in cases of force majeure duly documented.

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